Sunday, June 29, 2014

Hidden Message in Ghost Sites

I have been running Ghost Sites (Covert Research Sites) since before they came online.  As an explorer. I not only figured out how to run the efficiently but I have died more times than i can count running them. Covert Research Sites were brought to the players of EVE to be the first step in ushering the new chapter of the new dawn.  CCP Seagull's vision was not only and inspiration to the players of EVE, but a motivation to built a better sandbox together. The only two components that dropped from these sites are Shattered Villard Wheels, and Covert Research Tools.

Only the Shattered Villard Wheels had a use in EVE, as part of the construction of the precious Ascendancy set of augmentations allowing you to increase your warp speed to any ship!  Warp speed in EVE is the most precious resource because it equates to time. The less time you spend "in warp" the more efficient your PLEX and/ or subscription time is.  Also, from a tactical standpoint you want to get in and out of a fight as fast as possible!

With the release Kronos there came another use for this limited drop, Hyperspatcial Accelerators.  Hyperspatical Accelerators are a low slot modification to allow your ship to warp faster.  If you were to double down on both the Ascendancy's and the warp accelerators it makes your life as a hauler doing any type of logistics a lot easier!  Besieged Research Facilities are also a new anomaly that seed the much wanted painted ships but also drop those useless Covert Research Tools as well.  WTF?  I don't want stupid tools give me the wheels that i need to make me rich!

Crius is the next expansion bringing revolutionary change to industry.... but then i saw this little guy, a little devil in the details.

So, CCP you are now going to introduce a POS module that allows TECH 2 / TECH 3 / and Capital construction ONLY in low sec!!!  My only question is this ....where are these going to drop?



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