Thursday, August 7, 2014

Murdering (with) Mining Ships

For fuck's sake...

Double the Covert Ops, Double the Lulz

We are big fans of using unconventional ships for PVP here at General Tso's Alliance, and this is no secret. The fairly-new Prospect is no exception!

Sweet little breakdown, courtesy
I put together a fit that I liked quite a bit the day I was able to sit in the ship (which was day one of Kronos, since I'm a fucking baller and got Mining Frigate V in preparation... on both toons). Anyway, it looks like this:

Damage projection beyond targeting range. #ProAsFuck

I chose rails because I wanted to keep out of web/scram range on most targets, while maintaining as high of DPS as possible. Lacking the drones of the Venture, all the damage must come from guns, so my first inclination was Scorch-fit pulse lasers, but I didn't quite get the range I desired, which is about 15 km. The rest of the close-range weaponry was out of the question at this point, so I went with railguns.

Fit with Spike S, you can hit for full damage all the way out to the ships' max targeting range of 25km. This range is the biggest drawback that I've found with the ship, but, considering the ability to cloak and sneak up on a target, you can dictate the range yourself.

Now, the blog title mentions "Double Covert Ops." This doesn't mean fitting 2 cloaks - nope, not at all. The added layer of stealth attack comes in the form of CCP's lazy implementation of adding new ships to the game:


Yup, that's right. Over the last week I've helped ambush a Tornado, a pair of Vexors, a Cormorant (+ pod), and even an Ishtar simply because CCP never adds new ship classes to a player's overview when they add them to the game!

So, go forth, my minions of mining and harvest the tears of those that never thought of adding "Prototype Expedition Frigate" to their overviews! Harvest the kills/tears before people catch on!

Hulkageddon Flashbacks

About a week ago, I was returning back to Gelfiven from the various bombardment ops we had scheduled when I scanned around 10 Hulks in Fegomenko, a 0.5 station-less system in the hisec pocket of Molden Heath. I reminisced about the days of Hulkageddon IV (the last good Hulkageddon) where I would blow through hisec, -10 security status, in a smartbombing Typhoon onto a gaggle of unsuspecting Mackinaws chewing away at some Gallentean ice field.

It was a strange thing to see on scan, in this day of Battleships EHP Skiffs/Procurers and AFK-themed Retrievers/Mackinaws. I mentioned it on comms, and, to my surprise, everyone was motivated to smartbomb the living shit out of them. I had Kaphine scout them out in his Viator, and he confirmed they were clustered in a ball, going from belt to belt with Orca and even Providence support like a swarm of carebear locusts.

In response, a fleet of four of our battleships (myself, MP2008, Roale and Charles) blitzed through the couple lowsec systems, into the pipe, then staged one jump out, waiting in anticipation for the call to warp to 0 on Kaphine. I was rigid and moist with anticipation. In the pants. Like.. a penis and vagina... fuck you.

Then it came: "Jump! Jump! Jump!" We aligned and warped as a fleet, dragging our "fast tackle" (nam/nick) along with the ball of fiery death. As soon as we landed, we lit off the smartbombs, killing every Exhumer and their pod long before Concord could even land on grid. After the mayhem, a solitary stealth bomber decloaked, attempting to pop/scoop loot, he was executed by a suicide gank provided by Dark Drifter.

Overkill - otherwise we'd fuck it up.
The corp wallet reimbursed sec tags to help the gankers recover any lost sec status, and since none of us are hurting for ISK, nothing of value was lost.

Oh, and I Fraps'd the whole thing and posted it to YouTube. Hooray for me!

Watch for the "gf"! I'm nothing if not polite in PVP.

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