Monday, September 22, 2014

Gems in Space

Sugar Kyle,my CSM, fresh from the Summer Summit challenged those that read blog and followers of Reddit to give her feedback on the following subject:
 ~What do you use your POS for?
~How many?
~Why do you use a POS?
~What does POS ownership mean to you?
  Being the POS guru of SMERG and an advisor to other Corps in General Tso’s Alliance I felt it was my duty to share my feelings and our shared ideas. I have used a POS for everything in that you can use one for in EVE Online. I had a string of POS’s that moon mine and produced simple and complex reactions. In another set up, we were coping and inventing blueprints and constructing T2 Ships. I have conducted sieging operations and had multiple POS’s destroyed. With each POS I lost I continued to learn lessons, special expensive lessons. But only expensive in the aspect of TIME! It takes too long in EVE to construct a POS, than to see it destroyed more quicklier(inside joke) by a Dread Fleet(It literally takes 30 minutes to anchor a large POS).

  When developing our moon goo operation it felt like had to reverse engineer Eve. I started with the Moon Minerals, the common ones R-4’s are blue and the rest are yellow-orange. Not a color scale to make it easy to read, the same color from R-8’s to R-64’s. Than using the exact same Icon for simple and complex reactions I then, had to match each mineral to each reaction. The only color variation came when the recipe for complex reactions was more of the beautiful color yellow (again). Configuring my POS properly and improperly linking my Silos to my Reactors may have cost me 100M isk, but I eventually figured it out. NO WHERE in EVE does it tell you that reactions take 1 hour, only after a couple of cycles of churning does one ‘figure it out”. The info tabs remain bare and colors are bland and best, overhaul is needed.

  I was dumb founded when siphon units were released. I was so simple, drag, drop, get moon goo. This was too simple, then came the rage. As the victim, to man up my POS guns with that OLD SQUARE. To target the siphon, and pop the siphon unit in one volley was ugly and frustrating. The release of all of the mobile modules raised my heart rate, it got me excited, and ushered in the need for the change. But the change hasn’t come.

  Modulator Player Own Stations have been talked in circles as long as I have ever heard of POS’s. The concept is simple, but I see the complexity in the delivery. Do you scale up and create a sliding scale(like a stacking penalty ) to the modules providing more powergrid and CPU? Do you make X-Large POS’s a thing, and allow more flexibility with fitting. Can you Rig a POS to add more powergrid and CPU with the exchange of a penalty? I say YES to all of the above.

 Here is my argument in one sentence: " If CCP can create and deliver the “simple” system of creating and making T3 cruisers they can fix POS’s." *Drops Microphone*
R/ Kaphine

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