Monday, October 27, 2014


This is a General Tso's Alliance News update:
Brought to you by the General Tso's propaganda subdivision.

The Russian Horde Has Arrived In MH!

Yes pilots of General Tso's this is no hoax, the Russians have moved into the region of Molden Heath and have set up a base of operations in the system of Hrokkur.  This is no cause for alarm however as sources say we have only engaged in light border skirmishes with the enemy.  But do not think that this seemingly cold war could not heat up in a moments notice!  We must be vigilant and we must be strong!

The enemy has implemented scare tactics, we must be strong!  We must not let their propaganda dishearten us from our path to righteousness!

[ 2014.10.22 20:49:26 ] Ael Dae > look into this again and again

Above I have provided you with an Example of Rust415 scare tactics!

Look long and hard my fellow pilots!  To the untrained eye this may look like a successful Nyx Supercarrier kill executed flawlessly by our adversary!  But wait there is more!  Our expert analysis team has hi-lighted our enemies mistake!  They did not in fact kill the mighty beast they were merely present for its destruction!

This would not be a news update ladies and gentlemen if we did not use sources of our own.  After the Nyx propaganda we decided to do some digging into Rust415's kill board stats. This is what we found:

Rust415's KB

As you can see the ever so important ISK efficiency rating is a whopping 43.2%.  

Do not be afraid pilot, be aware, be confident, and be strong!

When interviewed about the brewing conflict Rust415's CEO had this to say:

[ 2014.10.22 20:23:24 ] Ael Dae > this base are belong to us now

We then asked how he thinks he will fair breaking off from well known Russian alliance RA:

[ 2014.10.22 20:38:53 ] Ael Dae > we are on our own
[ 2014.10.22 20:38:36 ] Ael Dae > RA is dead and rotten

Our last question was how he feels overall about the sexual orientation of General Tso's he had this to say:

[ 2014.10.22 20:40:09 ] Ael Dae > wowow stop it gayshit is not appreciated here, we have girls

Gay shit is not appreciated here.  Not only have they desecrated the holy region of Molden Heath, they flung the very principle our alliance was forged with into the mud.  

War is on the horizon fellow pilots it is only a matter of time.

This has been a General Tso's Alliance News Update.

-Charles Issier signing off o7.

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