Saturday, October 4, 2014

More Crumbs....

In this blog I give a very simple explanation, with the direction of Eve is going.  This isn't a new idea, But CCP Seagull's current vision of where Eve Online should go.

The "Nerf Bat" will be coming hard with Jump Fatigue.  Jump fatigue is a new mechanic will severely limit the deploy-ability of Capitals, for forward projection. Limiting their jump range and employing a cool down makes them oodles slower.  By making them more stationary there will be much more suited for defense of held territory than projection, intel will move more quicklier than these slow capital fleets.

Because of this loss of  abilities CCP now allows Capitals to use Jump Gates! \o/ People will immediately see this as the troll against the Jump ability.  Like a back handed compliment, you can't have that, but you can have this..... But looking at the larger picture of the chapters that are unfolding this is exactly what the players need.

Player made Star Gates, are coming, soon(tm) and CCP is going to have to deploy them very carefully. Some of my tinfoil hattery includes the following....

~An underground network of Star Gates owned in null and low that can connect major corporations/ alliances/ coalitions.  But this is very similar to the Jump network that already exists.

~Star Gates have a fuel (not sure what) that limits the size and amount of ships that enter. (Like BLops)

~Star Gate toll (Passive income for owners/creators) like a POCO tax for the users.

~Star Gates being able be destroyed in null and realigned to different solar systems. The players make their own New Eden.  You have to build two star gates simultaneously in both solar systems align then to each other, to online.

~Similar to the Ascendancy Set that will make ships warp faster, I see a set of plugs that will help huge ships align faster.  A travel clone for those big, slow boats.

*takes tinfoil hat off*

Fly Safe! o7


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