Friday, November 21, 2014

Load Blown

I started this exploration run like every other, drunk and unafraid.  I undocked in Klingt and ran a Ghost site...\o/ I really thought that was the drop of the night. (Mid-Grade Ascend Epsilon).  Jumped into Weld and found this little guy.

I found my way into the site, I heard form a lot of people that were hacks were hard and although I have to agree, it was do able.

I failed my first hack at this can, it started spewing gasses so I burned away.....that's the "trick to this site" burn away from the damage.

ALL of the clouds will damage you.  The blue/green/teal ones will push out a consistent damage.  The Yellow cloud is the one with the can that you need to suppress to turn off the damage so you can blitz the FAT CAN.

Total Drop:
Polarized Heavy Pulse Beam X 10
Polarized Heavy Pulse Beam X 3
Polarized Heavy Pulse Beam X 3
Polarized Light Neuron Blaster X 3

Estimated Market price at time of Drop...2.1B

Remember manually fly around the clouds of damage, do the best that you can with the hacks, scoop what you can and yes you can cargo scan.



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