Monday, March 30, 2015

Kill on Site!

Antikythera Element is real I got my first drop!

This will be another key in moving forward in SMERG and TSO's as indicated in Dev. blogs !

The Antikythera element drops from Circadian Sleepers.  There was a pod of three I found at a POCO, and the element didn't drop until i killed the last (3rd one).  They rat similar to a BS. I used the corporation Ishkur Fit kept my transversal up a and had no problems.  Circadians do just damage no effects, it appeared to be missiles.

JITA right MEOW!

Covert Research still only have one use, Thukker Ass. Arrays. I still see the role growing like the Shattered Villard Wheels.

I love my tin foil hat.

Remember to get all the SKINS! If you own the ships now your character will get a PERMANENT LICENCE for that skin and the ship will be reverted to the T1 version.  Go now pay the ISK get this ships so you have ALL the licences!

April 29th is the Deadline!



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