Monday, April 20, 2015

The Open Letter

CCP Falcon,

Change is Hard...

We understand your vision and the high standards of C.C.P., and we are here to help you accomplish that together with you.   You are asking us very politely to change our identity that we have had for 5+ years.  The only identity that make us "different" in the universe of EVE: Online.  We log into a game where everyone has the same ships, the same options, the same damage. We only have one flag, our flag that makes us different.

A very basic level you just asking us to change a simple 512  x 512 logo.  To us, you are asking us to redefine WHO WE ARE.  Shave our heads, dye our hair, cut off our mustaches and beards.... this is a metamorphosis we didn't want.  But like a messy divorce we will make this work....for the Dusties (Our Children).

So now that we have to change the new conversation was....Where do we go?....How do we move forward?  Clinging to our culture but moving to the the future.  What will you allow? Or  more importantly who will we become....


P.S. I will always "Tak ur orrder, preeze,"