Friday, December 4, 2015

Tso's Non-Denominational Priviledge-Checking Non-Binary Otherkin Rumble

For fuck's sake...

It's been several months since our last inner-alliance tournament, and the lack of motivation to do another team-based one has been quite apparent on mumble. So, for this HOLIDAY season, we've decided to try something a little different.

In the past, we typically split all the participants into teams, typically 4 teams of 3-4 people each (our activity level blows). But after harvesting buckets of tears from those that hated what teams they ended up on, I decided to go with a alternative approach: FREE FOR ALL.

Now, since I love Magic The Gathering, I figured a simple frigate or cruiser FFA would be pretty damn unoriginal, so the format is as follows:

  • Names of all the participants will be randomly ordered.
  • A ship hull can only be chosen ONCE
  • The participants will choose hulls in their random order on this coming Sunday (Dec 6). Anyone late to the party will pick in order that I talk to them on mumble.
  • Prizes will be awarded based off of kill participation, with an equal prize (500M ISK) for most kills in a cruiser, in a destroyer, and in a frigate, to encourage maximum variety in choices.
  • Additional prizes (like last man standing) will be up to an "achievement" system, where any member can donate a prize attached to a condition. Once that condition is met, the player(s) that accomplished the task will be awarded.
  • Obvious/public collusion before the match is punished by randomized ship hull selection done by myself for the offenders.
  • Collusion DURING the match is highly encouraged, but there must be only 1 survivor.
  • Banned items/ships include pirate faction frigates, 2 ASBs, T2 rigs, hulls bigger than (in power level) a tech 1 cruiser, and tech 2 drones (Vexor/Tristan master race).

Both the draft (Dec 6, 8pm EST, Dec 7 0100 EVE time) and the tournament itself (Dec 13, 8pm EST, Dec 14 0100 EVE time) will be broadcast on my twitch channel. Potential simulcast from various other Alliance streamers may happen, watch the twitch tags on our website's front page for up-to-date streams.

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