Monday, February 15, 2016

A Series of Fortunate Events

TSO.....Here is the deal, we moved back to Seyllin and Ane #TakingBackSeyllin.  With this we need to invest in so POCO's and POS's so we can keep all of the industry fags happy.  POCO 1 Siege 1 we reinforced a tower to come out on our off time...well suck a fuck this was not good.  Because of the timer we would have no support.  

So the reinforce timer came and a SOLD. Nidderhauger came to rep the shields.... we knew that there was back up so there was no way we where going to touch it. This bait smelled of rotten fish, like an ex-girlfriend or something.  However, our War Targets didn't know that at all!!!  We inadvertently baited them into the system (*cough*RectAnus moving his frieghter during war*cough*).  So A-TEAM countered with their carrier ... so them this:

Honorable 3rd Party.


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