Monday, March 28, 2016


This is the Goal!

We all want to carve out a place for us among the stars.  But to build it takes a lot of raw minerals and advanced PI.  We SMERG / Tso's are famous for not doing either.....   So I invoke a competition to complete the requirements.  I paid a researched the all the BPO's for construction.  I will hand out BPC's to all who request, only one BPC at a time.

127 Structures (2 Completed)

As I collect completed structure donations I will be be giving the Grand Prize Winner this Suit:

2nd Place: 
- 1 Skill Injector
- 1 Leopard
- 5 "Augmented" Hammerhead or Hobogoblin

3rd Place:
- 5 Gekco's
-1 Gnosis

4th Place:
- 1 Confessor
- 1 Magus

I wanted the reward pool to be rich enough so that we can focus and be ready for Lauch day when Citadels are released.  Also extra structure components will be used to make Mediums and help recoup funds!


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